Blessed with Berries- Part 2

As promised, here is an update on the strawberry patch….we’re getting berries!  I’m so happy because I really didn’t expect to get any this year!

Since I posted the “Blessed with Berries” post (you can read that here), I have made a few changes to the strawberry patch.  First, I weeded it—wow—the weeds really started to take over!

Next, the Sheriff and I headed out to the field to gather up some straw.

A good friend of mine told me that straw is a great way to keep weeds down and I found that it gives some cushion for my knees as well.  I put the straw between the rows of berries and I’ve got to say, it sure made a big difference.

Lastly was putting up some old chicken wire that I found on the farm.  This was the first time I worked with chicken wire, and boy, was that a work out!  The height of the wire was 6 feet so it was quite a challenge trying to unroll it and then putting it up without it “catching” you!  Thankfully I have a steady supply of baling twine which is the answer to most problems on the farm.  Just use baling twine!

I do have other plans for my strawberries, but for right now, I’m working with what I have and preserving the wonderful fruits of our labor.

The chicken wire seemed to be keeping the critters out, but not the birds.  I didn’t have enough chicken wire to cover the top, and I know netting is an option, but I decided to use an old fashioned method- aluminum pie plates.  What a great and inexpensive way to keep the birds out!  Here is the finished product, pie plates and all!

I have to thank my mom (who is 74 years young) who helped me hang the pie plates!  She loves to be outdoors which helps her to stay active and healthy!  Thanks Mom!

Nana and the Sheriff showing off their strawberries!


And here is the Sheriff picking his first berry.  I know it may sound silly, but this picture puts a huge smile on my face.  It is such an awesome feeling to see your child picking food that you grew together!  He was super excited to see the strawberries and couldn’t wait to taste them.  He was so interested in the strawberries and was asking all sorts of questions!  It brought me such happiness to show him how his hard work paid off!

Apparently there was something else that was enjoying our berries as you can see from the chewed berry below!

Here he is with the first fruits of our labor.  Not bad for a first pick!

He wanted me to hurry up and take the picture so he could sit and enjoy his juicy strawberries!

A few berries ripening in the sun…..

Don’t forget to get out and get yourself some local strawberries before the season is over!