Wrapping up the Rye Season

Here are a few pictures of the remaining fields being cut and baled with the Mayor behind the wheel and the Sheriff riding shotgun!  He just absolutely loves being out in the tractor with his daddy!

While they were out in the field mowing, I was thinking about how my husband told me that he saw some coyotes out in the fields a few days ago.  I began looking around to see if I was alone in the field, then starting thinking of how I would protect myself if one should appear.  I saw the hay bales and thought “hmmm….wonder if I could jump up there?”  But before I had the chance to think of my next safety spot, a coyote poked his head through the tall winter rye!  My heart raced!!  He saw me and ran back in the tall rye!  Thank goodness!  And while I have lived in the country all my life, I have never had to deal with coyotes; so it got me thinking about protection. Protecting my son, my husband (if need be) and our livestock is my top priority, so I will be looking into my options.

Love this picture of the John Deere (which by the way if my favorite) with the beautiful sky in the background.  The boys are just about finished baling.

LOVE this picture!  I love how the one stalk of rye survived the mower and is standing tall!

Now that the winter rye has been cut and baled (well most of it anyways), it’s now time to get this stuff wrapped!  Our friend, Mr. Cob, brought his wrapper down along with some very fancy teal colored wrap!  This machine is the “Cadillac” of wrappers and to be honest, it was pretty amazing to watch!  Even the Sheriff couldn’t take his eyes off of it!  This machine lifts up the bale, wraps it, cuts the wrap and dumps it over on the right side!  Amazing!

The Sheriff and I visited a Church yard sale a few weekends ago and that is where we found this awesome fire truck (and I picked up a box full of canning jars!!).  I enjoy doing this with him for a couple reasons:  #1, he pays for his treasures with his own money and #2 it teaches him that buying used items can be just as good as brand new.  Here he is, testing out his new truck at the farm.

Love my home, love my farm.

Stopping to check the herd, and this little guy walked over to get a look at the Sheriff and me.  Isn’t he just the cutest thing??  It is amazing how baby calves can bring such spunk on the farm.  I really enjoy watching them run around the pasture chasing one another!

This picture will definitely find a place on the wall in my home!  Love these two so much!

The weather was very hot and humid today, and this mama found a way to beat the heat!   Drink directly from the hose, then put your head directly in the stream of water!  Smart girl!

Another picture for the farmhouse wall!  I have so many favorites, that I’m going to have to build more walls!

I have taken this picture several times over the past couple of years.  It is a reminder to me that Daddy & son time is so important and that life goes fast; time spent together doing even the simplest of things will never, ever be forgotten.