Blessed with Berries

We love strawberries….and nothing says summer like picking fresh strawberries on a hot summer day!

Last year, my mom decided that she no longer wanted the responsibility of growing & caring for her strawberry plants, so I was super excited when she gave me permission to come and dig them up.  First, I did some research and found that the best time to transplant was in the fall when the hot and humid days were behind us.  So, once the weather had cooled off, I headed to my Mom’s house and dug up all her plants.  I wish I had counted how many I dug up, because the digging went on forever, seriously.  Those plants multiply like crazy and shoot out in all directions!

The day was gorgeous and it felt great getting in the dirt; however, my thighs and calves were singing a different tune!  I kept reminding myself about the benefits I would reap from all this hard work; benefits like…homemade strawberry ice cream, strawberry shortcake, strawberry jam and how about watching the Sheriff just eating strawberries right off the vine!!!  YUM!

I’m also super excited because these are the first edible items I have planted on the farm…however; they will not be the last!  I know that I may not have a single berry next year, but I’m still very anxious to see how the plants fare the transplant as well as the winter.

Here is a picture of my mother’s patch and though it may not look like much, it is quite a bit of strawberries!

While digging and pulling I stumbled on various little insects, bugs and of course earthworms.  Am I the only one that apologizes to the earth worms when I disrupt their world?

The following day at the farm, I began the process of digging up an area where I could plant all of these strawberry plants.  I decided to plant them near the abandoned chicken coop because they would be close to the house and safe from being run-down by tractors!  I am really hoping to do raised beds next year, so this will be a temporary home for the berries.

Here is a picture of the spot I cleared for them.

The Sheriff came over to help, but didn’t want to take off his helmet just in case he had to take his ATV for a ride.

This was a prime location for Bigfoot to perform his stunts!

While playing around in the dirt, I found this…wow!  I hope this is a sign of good things to come!

I also found this tied up along side of the chicken coop.  Cookie cooling racks…there not just for cookies anymore…  LOL.  Turns out, they help in keeping varmints out of the chicken coop!

Don’t forget the cow manure…..we don’t have to go far for that!

And the final product!  All set and ready for the fall & winter!

The Sheriff and I needed a break after a hard day of planting!

Fast forward to May 27, 2017 and we have weeds and berries!

So exciting!

I pulled most of the weeds out and now will have to focus on weed control as well as some fencing.  Stay tuned for updates on the strawberry patch!

Till next time…..