Growing Pains & Winter Rye

Welcome to our first growing, mowing and baling season!  The fields look absolutely gorgeous with the rich green winter rye standing tall against the magnificent blue sky.

Our focus has shifted to getting the winter rye cut and baled as soon as possible so that the hay can start to grow.  Unfortunately, the process has not gone smoothly due to the typical issues of owning large farm equipment as well as dodging the rain!  We have had a very wet April and May this year, so for the Mayor, scheduling his time in the fields has been tricky; not to mention that he has a full-time job.

The Sheriff decided he wanted to go and watch Daddy bale, so he packed his monster truck and I packed supper– tailgate style!

A few days earlier, the Sheriff tested his monster truck in the puddle and he was extremely pleased with the results; so he decided that he wanted to give it a whirl in the pasture.

Once he mastered the rough terrain with his monster truck, he decided it was time to throw the rye around; he was having a ball!

Daddy on the other hand wasn’t having so much fun; the baler had become tangled, and so began the long process of pulling all the tangled mess from out of the machine.  The Sheriff stepped right in and began moving the rye away from the baler.  He is already such a big helper!

After all that physical labor, it was time for supper.  I don’t know about you, but eating on a tailgate in the middle of field is so extremely peaceful to me.  The Sheriff and I enjoy picnics and have them quite often, whether they are indoors or outdoors.  This was a special treat for him to sit on the tailgate and I know as the weather gets warmer, our tailgating will increase!

And more pictures of the fields…..

Finally, we untangled the baler and the Mayor was back to work.  I couldn’t finish this post without thanking a very special friend of ours, Mr. Cob.  He has spent countless hours helping my husband make this season a success.  In the picture below, you can see Mr. Cob following my husband around the field making sure that the baler was working correctly.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

To show my gratitude, I baked Mr. Cob a coffee cake banana bread…mmm…mmm..mmm!

Till next time….